Discussion on Sustainability (with Green Voice Foundation)

Discussion on Sustainability (with Green Voice Foundation)


On 9 April 2016, the Climate Change Center-Bandung Institute of Technology collaboration with the Green Voice Foundation held a Sustainability discussion with the theme “21st Century Libraries: Knowledge Management in Promoting the Sustainability Agenda”. The event was held in the discussion room of the ITB Central Library Building, 1st floor, and was attended by around 50 participants from students and the general public. In this event, a demonstration of coffee processing from Ephraim Coffee Indonesia was also held.

The event which has the aim of initiating the promotion of climate-friendly sustainable development through knowledge literacy among policy makers both at the conceptual and practical levels, then also to build a knowledge network among interested policy makers to disseminate ideas on sustainability issues.

Mr. Farhan as a representative from the Green Voice Foundation explained about the importance of the role of knowledge and its management in responding to the dynamics that occur today and in the future. Stakeholders should be encouraged to create an open interaction in exchanging ideas, knowledge and experiences in various fields so that the “sustainability” agenda can be realized.


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