Health & Climate Vulnerability Assessment — DHF Case in Semarang City

Health & Climate Vulnerability Assessment — DHF Case in Semarang City

dokcilThey are so enthusiastic to do their duties, exploring every side of the school where they study even to every corner, just to find items or objects that have the potential to be a nest of Aedes Ageypti mosquitoes, which is the mosquito that causes Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever. Not only at school, they also actively conduct routine larva monitoring activities (PJR) in the home residents around their schools within a radius of about 100 meters. They are elementary school students grade 5 and grade 6, and are little doctors or commonly abbreviated as Dokcil who are involved to do PJR activities every week. This is done in order to anticipate the increasing outbreak of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DENGUE) outbreak in the Semarang City area in recent years.

Actually, the vulnerability study of Semarang City to Dengue and its relation to climate variabels has been carried out previously thorugh collaboration with the Climate Change Center-ITB in 2014, where the study involved various institution, government organizations, and private that are part of the Action Changing the Incidence of Vector Borne Endemic Diseasees (ACTIVED) program. The program was initiated by Mercycorps which is the representative of the Asians Cities Climate Change Resilience Network (ACCCRN) in Indonesia, and this year a further collaboration has been carried out to follow up the previous collaboration.

Some of the result from this activity include mapping the geographical position of the administrative area in Semarang City according to its vulnerability to Dengue, testing the relationship between climate variables and Dengue, confirmation of the population most vulnerable to severe/fatal dengue disease, and documented analysis of the capacity and opportunity for adaptation of the city of Semarang for dengue control. And also a proposal for the provision of an early warning system which can be a means to further increase public awareness of the dangers of DHF.

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