International Webinar 2021

International Webinar 2021

After COP26: The Roles of Climate Governance in Achieving Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) and
Net Zero Emissions (NZE) Targets of the Energy Sector in Indonesia

by: Climate Change Center Institut Teknologi Bandung (CCC-ITB) & the German Institute for Economics Research (DIW Berlin)

After COP26 Glasgow, how do the international political pressure influence Indonesia’s commitments, policy, and strategy on NDC and NZE in the energy sector? What kind of climate governance model would be appropriately developed for the energy sector in Indonesia, particularly in terms of issues on coal dilemma, energy trilemma, and informality in governance?

Put on your timeline and be participated in this event:
Date : Friday, 19 November 2021
Time : 13.30-16.15 WIB (GMT+7; CET+6)
Facilitation: English-Bahasa interpreter/translator available

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See you at the webinar!

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