Boards of Expert

1 Djoko Santoso Abis Suroso, Ph.D Head of CCC-ITB
2 Wilmar Salim, Ph.D Policy and Planning : Adaptation and Mitigation
3 Dr. Saut Sagala Policy and Planning : CCA/DRR
 4 Dr. Tri Wahyu Hadi Climate Projection; Water based Hazard
5 Dr. Ibnu Sofian Ocean Climate Projection-Science Basis
6 Dr. Hamzah Latief Coastal Hazard and Vulnerability
7 Dr. Budhi Setiawan* Energy and Emission Mitigation Planning
8 Prof.Dr.dr. Ridad Agoes** Health based Hazard and Vulnerability
9 Prof.Dr. Handoko*** Agriculture based Hazard and Vulnerability
10 Dr. Ruminta** Agriculture based Hazard and Vulnerability
11 M.S Fitriyanto, M.Sc Captured Fisheries Hazard; Knowledge Management
12 Mizan B. Fuady, M.Sc, M.Eng. Adaptation Planning and Strategy
13 Dr. Agus Supangat, DEA Knowledge Management; Fisheries; Adaptation Policy
14 Dr. Asep Sofyan Waste Mitigation Planning
15 Dr. Adiwan Spatial Planning for Land Based Mitigation
16 Dr. Endang Hernawan Forestry Resource and Land Based Mitigation Planning
(*) University of Sriwijaya, Palembang City, South Sumatera Province
(**) University of Padjadjaran, Bandung City, West Java Province
(***) Bogor Agricultural University